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This week we introduce an alternative shopping option and that is your local farmer’s market which was created out of the need for consumers to acquire produce at the best prices and, of course, right from the source.

There is nothing like a trip to your local farmer’s market, and you might already be aware of the benefits of farmer’s market shopping. The farmer’s market experience offers some of the freshest fruits, vegetables and all the other foods you may find.


One of the best things about shopping at the farmer’s market is that it is populated with local farmers and vendors, which gives consumers the opportunity to score great deals on fresh foods and provide support for small farmers which means that you are playing your part to help boost your local economy.

Why shop at the farmer’s market?

Shopping at farmer’s markets is one way to get delicious and fresh produce. The best of the farm for you and your family to enjoy at home.


  • Produce are locally grown and in season.

    What this means is that foods are not transported from far and will be at its peak of freshness.

  • You buy directly from growers.

    Buying directly from farmers gives you the opportunity to talk to them about their products. Some farmers will allow you to taste and buy depending on the items being purchased.

  • You’re helping to support the agricultural sector.

    Money spent goes towards local growers and food entrepreneurs.

  • You will save money.

    Buying directly from farmers usually provides a very affordable option as it eliminates the middle-man who would need to upsell. This keeps the prices low.



To make the most of your farmer’s market trip planning is key so this week we will provide you with a few tips to help you when you rove the farmers market.

  • Assess your needs

    Before you head out the door take a look in the refrigerator, take into consideration the meals you intend to prepare in the coming week so you know exactly what you need to buy.

  • Be Realistic

    Think about your schedule and how much time you will have to cook. The low cost of the produce doesn’t save you much in the long run if you end up not using it and having to throw it away.


  • Make it easy to use what you’ve bought

    Wash it, chop it, store it properly to maintain freshness. Whatever you need to do to make it more likely that you and your family will use what you bought. Clear out your fridge and make room for the fresh food when you get it home.



Most importantly, bring an open mind! A farmer’s market is a great place to be inspired by fresh fruits and vegetables and for you – and your kids – to try new and healthier food options. Getting plenty of fruits and vegetables helps families live healthier lives and reduces the likelihood of chronic disease. Lack of nutritious foods puts people at high risk for diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and obesity.


Feeling ready to take on your local farmer’s market this weekend?


Juliane Robinson

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