Search Continues For Boy Washed Way


The search is continuing for a schoolboy who was washed away Wednesday afternoon, as he made his way home from school in St Andrew.

Kyle Richards, a nine-year-old student of Hope Valley Experimental School was on his way home in the company of an adult and two children. Reports are they were in Gold Smith Villa, near a track when a rush of water knocked the boy over and he was washed toward a gully.

A search has been taking place since Wednesday evening, September 25, with local area residents taking part. They continued late into the evening yesterday, with the assistance of the police and firefighters.

Thursday morning, the search team grew and residents, organized by Councillor Venesha Phillips again took to waterways including a gully leading to Harbour View. Intermittent rainfall and heavy undergrowth have been affecting the progress of the search.


Franklin McKnight

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