Second Man Arrested In $16 M Ganja Seizure at Wharf

Police have charged a second man in connection with the J$16 million worth of ganja seized at the Kingston wharf Friday (March 9) 

In a statement today (March 10) police said the second man arrested and charged during an operation in Meadowbrook, St Andrew Saturday. They did not identify him except to say he is a former employee of the shipping terminal in Kingston where the drugs were seized.

Police said during the operation in Meadowbrook they also seized J$686, 250; US $754; CA $830; GBP £10 and BBD $5.

Police said the identity of the second man is being withheld pending further investigations

On Friday (March 9) they had named 25-year-old Ravando Allen, a truck driver of Kingston 11, as having been charged in connection with the drugs. Allen was charged with possession of ganja, dealing in ganja, conveyance and conspiracy to export ganja. The ganja weighed 4,083 pounds and was seized January 24, a statement from police said.






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