Security Forces Go After ‘Most Wanted’ In St James


The security forces this morning, Monday, November 12, advised residents of the Richmond Hill community and surrounding areas in St James that a major security operation is underway in the community and surrounding areas.


A statement from the Jamaica Defence Force said the operation is intended to capture two of Jamaica’s most wanted men, Delano Wilmott o/c Prekeh and Richard Anderson o/c Cruz who are wanted in connection with numerous crimes including multiple murders and shootings.


The security forces are advising residents to be on the lookout for Anderson o/c Cruz who is on the run. The security forces are urging Cruz to turn himself in to the police at once.

They did not give the status of Wilmott o/c Prekeh.


They are also reminding residents that not only is it a crime to harbor a fugitive but it is also very dangerous as this individual is extremely violent and heavily armed.


Residents are urged to call the police or the JDF TIP line at 876-837-8888 to report any information or knowledge that they may have about Cruz’ whereabouts.


By Franklin McKnight


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