Senator Calls For Action On Parrot Fish




Government Senator Matthew Samuda, is recommending a short-term and eventually a permanent ban on the consumption of parrot fish in Jamaica.

He suggested that this could gradually be undertaken, through the introduction of a closed season for the parrot fish.

Senator Samuda was making his contribution to the State of the Nation Debate in the Senate on Friday, November 30.


Mr. Samuda noted that this is the minimum action required for the detailed analysis of the problem which includes the over-fishing of the species that have a significant role in protecting coral reefs by eating the algae that grow on them.

The senator said a group of environmental professionals is to present a proposal within days on how the fisheries resources can be better managed. He shared some of the suggestions with the senators.


“It is my view that a committee of Parliament should consider the recommendations made by this unified group,” he added, noting that the proposal speaks to some of the ways that this eventual ban can be implemented.

“The science on the matter is clear, sustainability requires it. We have a duty to act; we have a duty to ensure however that we act in a considered way and that the Parliament calls in all stakeholders and has a very serious discussion about how we implement such a measure,” Mr. Samuda said.


Mr. Samuda noted however that the livelihood of the nation’s 18,000 fisher folk deserves careful consideration.

“Carefully crafted implementation plans to ensure no fallout for fisher folk are important and we don’t want to put them under financial stress,”


By: Franklin McKnight

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