Seprod Sweeps Major Awards At JMEA Gala

The Seprod Group walked away with three major titles – Large Champion Exporter, Exporter of the Year and Manufacturer of the Year – at the end of the inaugural Jamaica Manufacturers and Exporters Association (JMEA) awards gala on Saturday, October 6.

It was a glamorous, business-elegant red carpet affair in the grand ballroom of the Jamaica Pegasus in New Kingston, as the awards, a first under the newly formed JMEA, seized the moment to recognize the best-performing companies for all of 2017, as well as to launch National Exporters Month.

Speaking at the awards ceremony, President of the JMEA Metry Seaga lauded local manufacturers and exporters for being the nation’s truest innovators and the most responsible taxpaying group.

“We must stand tall and send a loud and clear message to the government and the people of Jamaica. We, the exporters and manufacturers of this country, are the true innovators and risk-takers, and the real hope and savior to creating that badly needed growth in our stable economy,” Seaga said.

“We have laid our foundations in Jamaica creating jobs – most times in vulnerable communities, saving and generating foreign exchange that contributes to the running of this country in a major way, as the second-highest tax contributing sector to the government,” he added.

The JMEA president said that as Jamaica’s economic climate continues on the trajectory of improvement, it will once again be the exporters and manufacturers tasked to maintain the positive gains – only if frameworks are put in place to facilitate them.

“We will continue to fail to achieve our maximum potential as a country, if our public officials fail to understand that a strong and vibrant export and manufacturing economy equate to a better life for all Jamaicans,” Seaga argued, adding that affordable capital, factory spaces and procurement rank as the three major shortfalls in government policy and strategies.

There were 15 awards up for grabs at the inaugural JMEA event, with the Seprod Group, Red Stripe and newcomer Crafton Holdings Limited copping multiple trophies.

See below a comprehensive list of all winners at the 2018 JMEA awards gala:

  • Pauline Gray Award for Best Support Service – winner, Bureau of Standards Jamaica
  • Energy Efficiency Award – winner, Red Stripe Jamaica
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Award – winner, Red Stripe Jamaica
  • Nicola Gordon Rowe Award for ‘Buy Jamaican’ – winner, Crafton Holdings Limited
  • Quality and Standards Award – winner, ARC Manufacturing
  • Robert Lightbourne Award for Productivity and Competitiveness – winner, J Wray and Nephew Limited
  • Ambassador Peter King Award for New Exporter of the Year – winner, True Shades Cosmetics Limited
  • Eddie Hall Award for New Manufacturer of the Year – winner, Crafton Holdings Limited
  • Ray Hadeed Award for Best Micro, Small and Medium Manufacturing Enterprise – winner Complete Nutrition Care Diet Centre
  • Charles Henderson Award for Breakthrough Product of the Year – winner, New Port Fersan, ‘Potatolizer’
  • JAMPRO Award for Small Champion Exporter – winner, Quality Systems Solutions & Initiatives
  • President’s Award for Medium Champion Exporter – winner, Caribbean Foods Limited
  • Prime Minister’s Award for Large Champion Exporter – winner Seprod Group
  • Governor General’s Award for Exporter of the Year – winner, Seprod Group
  • Governor General’s Award for Manufacturer of the Year – winner, Seprod Group



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