Shaw Sees Prosperity Through Change In People

One of the heavyweights in the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) Deputy Leader and Minister of Agriculture, Industry, Commerce Agriculture and Fisheries, Audley Shaw has said its changes attitudes and behaviour of the people that will lead to prosperity.

Mr Shaw was not just speaking about the behaviour or manufacturers financiers and farmers but of the Jamaican people in general.

Speaking at the 75th annual conference of the JLP, at the National Arena Sunday afternoon, November 18, Mr Shaw pointed to several areas of his portfolio and said they were all going in the right direction. He spent some time emphasising that the JLP Administration is going to work hard at getting more lands to farmers and arranging for them to get credit easier to grow agriculture and grow the economy.

However, Mr Shaw said that when he looked at the society and saw the disrespect to women and the disrespect for children and the indiscipline in the society he was saddened. He said “if we really want to move from poverty to prosperity” the Government will have to call on the people to make changes in their attitude and behaviour. He said the people need to be educated, not just in the academics but also in setting standards. He said people must be brought to understand the respect for life and young people must be taught respect for the elders, and to be disciplined.


Franklin McKnight

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