‘Shootings And Murders Down, But So Is Business’ – Spanish Town Mayor

Mayor of Spanish Town Norman Scott

Mayor of Spanish Town Councillor Norman Scott has renewed appeals to the Government to work with businesses in the old capital during the extended Public State of Emergency (SOE) as security measures force early closures.

His plea was made during Thursday’s (July 12) monthly sitting of the St. Catherine Municipal Corporation (SCMC) in Emancipation Square, Spanish Town.

“I’m using this medium to call on the Government to do something about the hours that are being [imposed] to operators of businesses,” he said. “I know of businesses that intend to start laying off workers, because they cannot afford to pay.”

Mayor Scott bemoaned what he called the “inflexibility” of the closing hours being imposed. He said the Spanish Town’s once thriving entertainment sector has been hardest hit.

“Certainly, our entertainment revenue is completely eroded,” he contended. “People are not using [our] system to secure permits any longer and I’m again calling on the Government to let us talk,” Scott said.

Councillor Scott said he hopes his pleas and by extension, the pleas of ordinary citizens and the business community in the city no longer fall on deaf ears.

By Gavin Riley


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