Small Business Owners Express Delight Over 2018 JMA Expo

Deandra Chung, managing director of Complete Accident Support, being engaged by a prospective client at Expo Jamaica 2018

At least two small businesses have given positive feedback from their participation at 2018 JMA Expo, which ended on Sunday at Independence Park Limited in Kingston.

The four-day exposition saw record turnout in both participation and attendance with a reported 30,000 patrons, more than 500 businesses and buyers from more than 20 countries co-mingling.

Deandra Chung, the managing director of Complete Accident Support, said her intention is to now capitalize on the momentum gained from being at the Expo where thousands of people – including fellow entrepreneurs, became aware of her company which has been in existence since 2012.

“For me, the Expo was a massive success. I have been on cloud nine since Thursday by just being around a group of entrepreneurs with their products and services on display whilst gaining prospective clients for your business,” Chung told Jamaica Today.

Kadene McPherson, managing director of K.Mc & Associates Marketing Solutions seen chatting with CEO of the Pure Group, Damion Donaldson

Her company provides legal funding and support for persons injured in accidents but are unable to afford legal representation. “I am excited about it because it means in the future the Expos will be held on a larger scale which is good for both buyers and sellers,” she said.

Another young entrepreneur who benefited from the Expo is Kadene McPherson, the managing director for K. Mc & Associates Marketing Solutions. McPherson told Jamaica Today that she received positive leads for her business.

“Our mandate for 2018 is to build our brand. The businesses here have achieved a lot and I am very encouraged by that. I have had a few overseas buyers since Thursday, which was one of my objectives coming to the Expo,” she said.

The budding marketer said she has learned to think even more outside of the box after observing some of the products and services on display from different businesses.

Roxroy McLean


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