Social Buzz – They Find Emily Shields’ Restaurant Week Tasteless And More



Attorney, media personality and radio talk show host Emily Shields found herself at the centre of controversy on Thursday, November 15 after she tweeted that she ‘couldn’t manage’ participating in Restaurant Week 2018.


The tweet left a bitter taste of classism in the mouths of many social media users as Shields not only voiced her disdain for the yearly event, but seemingly took jabs at working-class Jamaicans, who dress their best, picturize every meal and enjoy themselves.


“Not a soul could catch me going out for restaurant week…crammed restaurants, slow service, revised menus down to suit price, overdressed unusuals – always taking pictures for the world. Don’t know what the fuss is about. Cyaan mannig bra’,” she wrote, and immediately, a tidal wave of backlash ravaged the veteran journalist.


Shields deleted the tweet some hours later, tweeting again that she meant no harm in her words; the tweet was “misinterpreted”, as she says.


“I realise that my tweet has been completely misinterpreted by many here. Interpretations that I am somehow classist or elitist are absurd. None of you can truthfully say that about me. I have no time for the misinterpretation of the mob,” she said, but still the comments kept coming.


“If majority read the communication a particular way it is ill-advised to dismiss their perception. Lift the convo above the defensive and offer that olive branch with an apology.


The statement “the unusual overly dress – taking pictures…” is seen in a particular light,” one man tweeted.


Others were not so civil in their response to Mrs. Shields, slamming her for not acknowledging a ‘poorly worded mistake’.


“So where’s the apology?” another man asked, adding, “This post is a joke and shameful. Best this tweet gets deleted too. Absolute [expletive deleted].”


By: Gavin Riley

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