Some Existing Buildings To Remain Under Heroes Circle Redevelopment Project – Holness

Prime Minister Andrew Holness says the Master Plan for the Government Oval project does not require the demolition of all buildings in the Heroes Circle area.
The Prime Minister indicated that the plan proposes the redevelopment of sections of Heroes Circle and the neighbouring communities which border the area including sections of Central and West Kingston and Southern St. Andrew.
“The mandate is to redevelop and upgrade public infrastructure, housing stock, commercial and recreational space which will include some demolition and new construction,” explained the Prime Minister.
Prime Minister Holness was responding to questions in Parliament on Tuesday (October 2) with respect to the Memorandum of Understanding between the Government of Jamaica, the Urban Development Corporation (UDC) and the China Construction America South America Company.
The Prime Minister told the House of Representatives that the development proposal considers the accommodation of government ministries, departments, and agencies to the east, west and south of the National Heroes Park as well as further upgrades of the adjoining residential neighbourhoods which include Allman Town.
“All existing structures in the project including ministry buildings will be assessed to determine if they are at or past their usable life for replacement or upgrade as necessary,” added Prime Minister Holness.
The Prime Minister noted that the community and residential components have not yet been detailed, and only conceptual layouts have been included.
“The detailing of this area will be informed by the Social Development Commission as a part of determining the feasibility of the wider proposal. However, the need to improve it is evident”, stated the Prime Minister.
Prime Minister Holness informed the House that while the proposal is not at a stage for public consultations the Government and the UDC, are committed to responsibly engaging all stakeholders as the project progresses.

By Franklin McKnight

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