Some Infirmary Staff Accused Of Poor Treatment Of Residents

The Poor Relief Department of the St Ann Municipal Corporation and the centre of attention at the monthly meeting of the SAMC on Thursday, May 10 when computer equipment was handed over by Minister of Local Government and Community Development Desmond McKenzie (fourth left). Mr McKenzie who reassured councillors that the Government was committed to the poor said he had been told that the Poor Relief Department needed more modern tools for its work and hence the Ministry had acquired computers and tablet computers for the Department and staff. In this photograph he is joined by SAMC officers and staff including: acting CEO Rovel Morris (left); Chairman of the Poor Relief Committee, Dallas Dickenson (2nd left) and Chairman of the Corporation, Mayor Michael Belnavis (2nd right), for the handing over.

Minister of Local Government and Community Development, Desmond McKenzie says a review of the staff positions at infirmaries across the island is being undertaken to remove those who treat residents poorly.

Mr McKenzie said “our infirmaries are infested with a certain kind of culture” that is manifested in some of the staff showing “no regard for the people in their care.”

The Minister was speaking at the monthly meeting of the St Ann Municipal Corporation (SAMC) on Thursday (May 10). He said he had got complaints from the infirmaries that made him “cry inside”.

Mr McKenzie said the best staff should be made available to the poor. He said some of the staff were robbing the people in their care.  He said he was giving “clear warning” that “we are going to be reviewing the employment of all of these individuals…” He said this would come in the new Poor Relief Act.

“It is going to be a total cleansing of the situation,” Mr McKenzie said.

The Local Government Minister said one of the first things to be done is that closed circuit television (CCTV) would be installed “in every infirmary across the country so we can see the disadvantage being meted out to the residents.”

At the same meeting, Mr McKenzie gave recognition to what he called the hardworking staff of the Poor Relief Department. He presented tablet computers to staff and a computer system for the office to improve working conditions.

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