Some Taxis Off The Road


Some route taxis and buses are off the road but a full-blown strike is not in evidence either in the rural towns or in the Corporate Area.

Motorists in parts of the Kingston and St Andrew point to an absence of some of the white plate (non-PPV) or illegal taxis. However, on routes serviced by the Government’s bus company, JUTC, some legal taxis are also missing.

A strike was called by Jamaica Taxi Owners and Operators (JATOO) but another taxi body the National Council of Taxi Association (NCOTA) said it was not a good time to withdraw their service.

In St Ann, some taxis that operate from Brown’s Town to Discovery Bay, Cave Valley, and nearby communities are off the road. Also, there is a taxi service from the St Ann’s Bay Transport Centre, on many routes but the numbers are down.

Police personnel is at the bus park and on the main streets in Brown’s Town and St Ann’s Bay.


Franklin McKnight

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