Spanish Town Is Infested’ – Deputy Mayor bemoans mosquito siege on old capital


Deputy Mayor of Spanish Town Councillor Ralston Wilson said that in his lifetime the current mosquito problem in the old capital is the worst he has seen.

Speaking on Thursday, October 11 at the general monthly meeting of the St. Catherine Municipal Corporation (SCMC), Wilson said that immediate measures need to be taken to address the insect population.


“The whole Spanish Town is infested; I have never seen Spanish Town like this in all my life. I am going to ask the Health Department [to] do a thorough check in and around Spanish Town to see what is wrong, to see if we can relieve the people of this pest,” he said.


Deputy Mayor Wilson, who sat in for Mayor Norman Scott, was responding to a call for help from Councillor for the De La Vega division Enos Lawrence who pleaded for more attention to be given to areas including the Spanish Town Bus Terminal, Jonathan Grant High and further sections of Burke Road.


Lawrence argued that for most commuters who are unfortunate to be around Spanish Town’s business district and its environs after 6 pm, “the people can’t stand in peace and it is really bad.”


In responding to the call, Acting Chief Public Health Inspector in the parish, Grayson Hutchinson agreed that a need for work in clearing breeding sites in Spanish Town has come again, however the recent heavy rains have hampered fogging efforts.



“I continue to stress that the Health Department or the [health] ministry alone cannot address the problem in totality. It requires a holistic approach [and] cooperation from other agencies,” Hutchinson said.


Hutchinson pointed to the National Water Commission (NWC) as a significant contributing factor to Spanish Town’s mosquito woes.



“This is because there is a breeding of mosquitoes at De La Vega Sewerage Treatment Plant,” he argued.


Franklin McKnight

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