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Prayer Breakfast After Prayer Breakfast Nation Still Not Healed!

After 40 years, how many more Prayer Breakfasts will it take to heal the nation?

That’s the question on the minds of Critics of the annual prayer breakfast, contending that the event is not effective because of how it is done, stating it is just an excuse for the relatively richer in society to showcase how religious they are, and to eat lobster and shrimps and perhaps caviar chased with wine and champagne.

They argue that it is time the event is taken from the Pegasus Hotel, to several volatile communities on the same day and at the same time, so that the people in those communities, including the criminals, to stop what they are doing and join in the prayers and feel part of a national movement to stop crime and violence.

Under the theme ‘Pursuing the Power of Peace’, the event is slated for Thursday, January 16 at the Jamaica Pegasus hotel, and will have as guest speaker Bishop Conrad Pitkin, Custos of St James.

What’s your take?


George Jude


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