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Spotlight On Krystal Tomlinson

Krystal Tomlinson Communications Consultant, Author, Politician, Media Personality, Entrepreneur, Mother.

While we use these titles to define her growing accomplishments Krystal took the opportunity to describe herself as dynamic and committed.

Lover of life!

Taking deliberate action every day to enhance her life and the lives of others around her. Unwavering in her stance to always take a chance on herself. This characteristic she believes, is the most significant part of who she is, A Leader!

What contributes to her ability to influence, are her skills as a communicator, vulnerability and authenticity, all these attributes are used daily to influence and make a difference on purpose.

Blessed with the gift of giving…

Krystal authored the book, KILL FEAR …THE ART OF COURAGEOUS LIVING.

It shares deep knowledge gathered through reading, practice, meditation and self-reflection intentionally written to provide individuals with the artillery to confront their fears with courage, to fulfill the dreams and passion they have.

Krystal influences you to believe in yourself and your abilities.

“Nobody threw a lasso around you and dragged you into the life you are living. Instead, every day your actions are dragging you to your destiny. Your philosophies become decisions, then actions, then results. As the results compound, you earn the kind of profit called “life“. So, if you are to kill fear you must stand in a place of ultimate responsibility. You must accept that you are the architect of your future, or the one man/woman demolition crew.”

Those are words of wisdom to take with you on your journey.


Juliane Robinson


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