St. Andrew South Police Kill Top Flight Gangsters



The St. Andrew South Police Division are celebrating major success after cutting down two of the division’s top gangsters. Dead are Christopher Armstrong, also called “Shabba” of the “Shabba Gang” and Dwayne Hall, also called “Killy Killy” of the “Blingers Gang”.

Reports are that both thugs were killed yesterday when they confronted the police on two separate occasions.


Killy Killy was a person of interest in at least six murder cases. Superintendent Gary Francis, Head of the St. Andrew South Police Division, said he had previously committed crimes in Westmoreland. A firearm was seized in the incident that led to his demise.


Superintendent Francis said that later in the afternoon, Shabba attacked a police team that was conducting an operation in the area and was shot and killed. He was wanted for four counts of murder, four counts of shooting, arson and was a person of interest in at least five other murders. He was also wanted for the shooting of a policeman.

Superintendent Francis said several other gangsters have been taken into custody over the past few days.


He said he expects that the gangsters will attempt to fill the void created by the deaths of Hall and Armstrong but the police are putting measures in place to deal with the impact.

St Andrew South has been one of the most violent police divisions in the country for many years with more than 100 persons having been murdered to date this year.

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