St Andrew South Police List Persons Of Interest


The Hunts Bay Criminal Investigation Branch, in the St. Andrew South Division has listed 17 people, some of whom have been identified only by their aliases, as persons of interest. They are from two roads in the police division.


From Mahoe Drive in Kingston 11 are:


  • Don Leslie Harley otherwise called ‘Don’
  • Omar Prince Headley otherwise called ‘Kevin’ and ”Popeye’
  • Gavin Howell otherwise called ‘Ratty’
  • Omar Campbell otherwise called ‘Skinny Man’
  • Ricardo McKoy otherwise called ‘Rick Banks’ and ‘Geezas’
  • A man known only as ‘Mousey’
  • A man known only as ‘Gungo’
  • A man known only as ‘Phangie’
  • A man known only as ‘Bomber’
  • A man known only as ‘Neil’
  • A man known only as ‘Kapus’


From York Avenue, Kingston 11 are:

  • Lionel Johnson otherwise called ‘Lynie’
  • Errol Johnson otherwise called ‘Muscle’
  • A man known only as ‘Wrong Move’
  • A man known only as ‘Junior Fire’
  • A man known only as ‘Grant’and ‘Badda’ and
  • A man known only as ‘Dexter’


These men are being asked to turn themselves in to the Hunts Bay Police by 6:00 p.m., on Wednesday, April 17. Additionally, anyone who may be able to help the Police to locate any of these persons are being asked to contact the investigators at 876-923-7230, Crime Stop at 311, police 119 emergency number or the nearest police station.



Franklin McKnight

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