St Ann Corporation Criticized Over Inefficiency

SSP Michael Smith in the Chamber of the St Ann Municipal Corporation making a request for ‘basic’ support for the police

The St Ann Municipal Corporations (SAMC) administration was severely criticized at the Corporation’s monthly general meeting today over their failure to get things done.

Sharp criticism came over a number of small projects including the failure of the Council to paint the Brown’s Town market though the matter was agreed from February. Administrators contradicted each other as to what was causing the hold-up.

Mayor and chairman of the SAMC Michael Belnavis joined in criticism by councillors and said finger-pointing wouldn’t help.

Councillor for the Exchange Division, Ian Isaac strongly objected to the way the Corporation was doing business. He said he had done everything to get the Corporation to provide paint for the Ocho Rios bus park and nothing was done. He pointed to a similar experience of Councillor for the Brown’s Town Division, Kim Brown Lawrence, with regard to the Brown’s Town market, among other things.

At the same meeting, the head of St Ann police, SSP Michael Smith again appealed to the Council for the bus lanes in the Ocho Rios, St Ann transport centre to be marked, a request made two months ago.

Franklin McKnight

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