St Ann Health Department Calls On Householders To Get Rid Of Mosquito Breeding Sites

Dr Deborah Weir, MOH for St Ann

The St Ann Health Department is appealing for the public’s support in helping to get rid of mosquito breeding sites and reduce mosquito infestation.

Medical Officer of Health (MOH) for St Ann, Dr. Deborah Weir says there are increased reports from across the parish of mosquito infestation.

She says while the Health Department is doing everything it can to reduce mosquito infestation success will be greater with assistance from the public.

Dr. Weir was speaking as she presented the Department’s report at the monthly meeting of the St Ann Municipal Corporation (SAMC) on Thursday, November 8, in St Ann’s Bay.

Dr. Weir said that the Health Department has finite resources and that people of St Ann must take responsibility in helping with the fight.

She gave details about the work of the vector control teams stating that in the last month, 800 premises were inspected 2,000 containers found of which 600 or nearly a third tested positive for breeding of the Aedes Aegypti mosquito that spread the dengue, chikungunya and zika viruses.

“We need householders to do their job,” in keeping their immediate environments clean and free of breeding sites for mosquitoes, she said.

Franklin McKnight

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