St. Catherine Municipality To Charge Those Parking Heavy-Duty Vehicles In Residential Communities


All individuals and companies who park heavy-duty vehicles and equipment in residential communities within St Catherine, will be charged a $250,000 fee by the Municipal Corporation.

Mayor of Spanish Town, Norman Scott, said this ruling was passed recently, during the corporation’s monthly meeting, to give legal effect to the drive of clearing communities of heavy equipment, which damages roadways and poses security risks for residents.

In an interview with JIS News, he said “we have seen the significant deterioration of infrastructure inside residential communities, caused mainly by heavy equipment using these thoroughfares,” and highlighted that “they are not permitted to do so.”

This comes as heavy-duty vehicles are governed by a special permit, which stipulates the routes that they are to use, and if they enter residential communities, their purpose must be to deliver items and not use the area for parking.

Mayor Scott noted that “what we see happening is that persons live in a community, they drive a tractor-trailer, and stock them with tonnes of cement… you have containers and big dumper trucks parked in the communities, and the corporation is going to establish proper truck stops for them.”

He pointed out that this resolution has been incorporated into the by-laws of the corporation, and other corporations have been asked to make similar moves to stop the illegal parking across the island, underscoring that the Island Traffic Authority and Tax Administration Jamaica will be called on to ensure that the drive is effective.

The Mayor said that in the past, the local authority sent out notices advising owners of the equipment to desist from parking them in the communities, these warnings were ignored because the corporation was “handicapped” in obtaining the type of vehicles to remove them from the areas and so, this will ensure that the oblivious behavior is reduced and hopefully, stopped.



Shannon Dale Reid

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