St James Leads Parishes With Reduced Murders

Some parishes are showing reduced numbers of murders, though murders are up across the country. The period of comparison is between January 1 and April 21, 2017 and 2018.

The data is from the Jamaica Constabulary Force’s (JCF’s) Periodic Serious Crimes Review for the period January 1 to April 21, 2018.

Among the most dramatic declines are St James, where a state of emergency is in place for most of the period under review. St James is down to 29 this year from 86 last year. That’s 57 fewer than last year or a decline of 66.3%.

In the neighbouring parish of Hanover, murders are also down, to 15 from 28 last year, a decrease of 13 or 46%.

Manchester also has a sharp decline in murders from 13 last year to 4 this year, down nine or 69%. St Ann also has a decrease, from 19 to 13, down by 31%.

Divisions in the Metropolitan Region recording declines include Kingston Central and St Andrew North. Western Kingston shows no decline or increase. However, Kingston divisions overall are slightly up from 53 last year to 55 this year.


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