St James Municipal Corporation Informing About New Building Fees

The St. James Municipal Corporation (SJMC) is pushing harder to inform the public about the new building fees that took effect on June 1, 2019.

Acting Director of Planning, Michael Whittaker, said the SJMC is sensitizing the public through its Public Relations Department and community meetings.

Mr. Whittaker told JIS News that the new fees are part of the Building Act 2018, which took effect in January this year. The Act standardises building fees and ensures that the fees for development projects are in keeping with current realities across all parishes.

“All fees have to be paid upon submission of the application. So, when applicants submit their applications and we tell them the fees they are to pay, we cannot accept the application if they cannot pay the fee,” he said.

The new regime comprises a standard rate of $90,000 per square metre, applicable to all construction categories, which will be reviewed every two years; a residential rate of .25 per cent of the estimated construction cost; and a commercial, institutional, industrial and resort rate of .5 per cent of the estimated construction cost.

Franklin McKnight

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