St Lucia: BLM Protest Now On After PM Intervened



As we promised, to keep you in the loop regarding a developing story out of St Lucia, whereby the police had not approved a planned march in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement now trending globally, we can now report that following an intervention by Prime Minister Allen Chastanet yesterday, the protest is on now as was scheduled.


A source from St Lucia who wishes to remain anonymous, told us that protestors have gathered at the city’s Constitution Park for the 4-hour peaceful demonstration in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.


Chastanet reportedly intervened and got the parties together to see how they could make it happen while maintaining Covid-19 protocols, which is the reason for the disapproval of the protest.


In a post on his Facebook page yesterday, Chastanet wrote: “It has come to my attention this morning that a permit application made yesterday (Wednesday) for a Black Lives Matter protest in Saint Lucia was not approved by the relevant authorities – the Commissioner of Police in consultation with the Ministry of Health.”


He said while he fully appreciates the concerns about security, health and safety, especially while the country remains under a State of Emergency, it is his view that Saint Lucia must show solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement.


“The disease that is racism, with all its ominous implications, must be resisted at every opportunity, and by all of us,” the prime minister stated.


The organizers of the march, Saint Lucia’s Goodwill Ambassador Taj Weeks, was informed Wednesday in a letter by Acting Commissioner of Police Milton Desir, that his application was turned down.


Following receipt of the disapproval, Weeks told reporters it was “unfortunate that they cannot see the necessity of a march at such a time,” stating that while he understands that Covid protocols are in place, the conversion on how they could have made the event possible was not allowed, said a CMC report yesterday.

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