‘Star Boy’ Damion Crawford Has Put His Foot Into It Again!

If Damion Crawford wants people to take him seriously as a politician and as a potential leader, he needs to stop making the juvenile mistakes he seems prone to.

How could he, in this day of the Me Too Movement and Women’s Rights, have got things so wrong on the political platform in Portland on Sunday?

Damian Crawford has always had a very loose tongue and he has proven time again that he doesn’t think his arguments through before making public pronouncements. He has caused many political watchers to see him as impulsive and frivolous.

Mr. Crawford should have realized by now that if he intends that the electorate should take him seriously, he will have to learn how to balance his intelligence against his emotions and learn to curtail his rhetoric.

Damion Crawford had a great opportunity on Sunday night to correct his mistakes of the past. After his major gaffe in East Rural St. Andrew, where he commented that he had been tricking the electorate, Damion Crawford really should not be seeking to represent anybody, anywhere at any time. How can he be trusted?

But as luck and fate would have it, he has been given the nod by the PNP in East Portland.

He spent most of the time during his maiden address attacking his opponent Ann Marie Vaz and became so caught up in the moment that he proceeded to disrespect and try to demean her, declaring that she could become nothing more than a wife in life.

One wonders if that is how he sees the women in his family and whether this is his general perception of women who choose to raise their families before embarking on their careers?

Crawford’s speech had some very good elements. He spoke about development of tourism in the constituency although some of his ideas seem far-fetched and idealistic, like the Love Train.

Being new to the constituency, Crawford has to deliver some solid plans to transform what has been a neglected area.

They say no publicity is bad publicity so even if Crawford spoke out of terms about Vaz, his comments are certainly keeping him in the news. But will his media dominance be enough to see him across the line come April 4?

The JLP has been running a good ground game and are working with numbers. They know that they have more than 2200 votes to overturn and so they are busy canvassing and ensuring that they get every possible vote out on Election Day.

Word out of Belmont Road is that every senior representative in the party will be camped out in Portland for the duration of the campaign. It is expected that the PNP will be doing the same… after all, they don’t have a government to run.

At the end of the day the extension of the polling date means that there is more largesse to come and for the people of East Portland could care, the politicians could stay there as long as they want, so long as the money and the roads keep rolling in!

By Alphanso Gomez

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