‘STOP IT’ Police Advise Responsible Social Media Use Over Transport Situation

The Police are appealing to members of the public to be more responsible in their use of the various social media platforms.

The police made the appeal after various threats, rumours and false reports were transmitted via various social media platforms Tuesday about the state of public transport.

Minister of Transport, Robert Montague made a similar appeal Tuesday afternoon in Parliament. He asked people not to issue voice notes with threats and rumours about the transport situation, as a strike continued. On social media there were several posts and tweets giving fake news and reporting threats.

The police said their appeal for social media responsibility “comes against the background of several instances in which reports about recent events have been untrue or misleading. ”

The police said the circulation of false and misleading information can create unnecessary panic in the public space. It also has the potential to incite unwarranted reactions. It reminded people that “it is an offence to wilfully broadcast false or misleading information under the Cyber Crime Act; if convicted, persons can serve jail time.”

Therefore, the police are urging members of the public to exercise due care when making pronouncements for public consumption, and to only share information they know to be true or which has been confirmed by a trustworthy source.

Franklin McKnight

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