Taxi Operators Warned

After the third day of demonstrations  by taxi and bus operators, the police are warning that they will full enforce the law and prosecute persons where illegal actions form part of the protests


The police say they have observed that in some cases the protestors are using their vehicles to block roadways and prevent other road users from going about their lawful business.


In other instances, “operators are preventing commuters from accessing other modes of transportation. There have been reports of threats of violence to other operators who do not wish to protest,” a police statement said.

The police say the Constitution allows for peaceful protests but those actions must not

infringe on the rights of other members of the public, or be in contravention of the law.


The protestors are being warned to desist from blocking roadways, threatening and intimidating other road users. It is the intention of the Police to fully enforce the law. Consequently, anyone who commits an offence will be prosecuted.


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