Taxi Protests Bring Chaotic Road Conditions To Downtown Kingston


There was chaos this afternoon in parts of downtown Kingston as taxi operators continued a protest started yesterday (Tuesday, November 20) against some provisions of the Road Traffic Bill.

Hundreds of commuters reported having difficulty getting buses and taxis and private motor vehicle operators experienced delays beyond the usual peak hour setbacks.

Taxi operators joined by a few bus drivers used their vehicles to block sections of roadways around the downtown area of the capital city. Several of the roadways blocked were in the area close to the Parliament Building on Duke Street.

From early afternoon, taxi operators parked their vehicles on North Street, Church Street Beeston Street, North Parade and other exit and access points to downtown Kingston. Some taxi operators who did not join the protest were harassed and some pulled from their vehicles.

Police were out in large numbers after news spread about the protest.

The taxi operators were unable to get to Parliament where their leaders had said they wanted to take their protest or deliver a letter asking for changes to the Road Traffic Bill.

Meanwhile there were reports that there were protests by some taxi and bus operators in St Thomas, St Catherine and Clarendon. However, the effects of those protests were not immediately known.

Franklin McKnight

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