Teacher Pleads Guilty For Unprofessional Behavior But Keeps Job



Arts and Craft educator Marsha Lee Crawford, who spat violent threats at a male student at the Pembroke Hall High School last November, will not be suspended nor fired.

The decision of the disciplinary committee of the school board was that the teacher was reprimanding a student and that this did not warrant her being fired.

The committee also noted that education regulations do not allow them to recommend that the teacher be suspended.

However, the committee submitted a letter with recommendations to the Ministry Of Education about the matter.

Ms. Crawford pleaded guilty to the charges laid against her and admitted that she had acted unprofessionally, which the committee heavily considered.

Several persons also spoke on Crawford’s behalf showing how much of a good person she is.

Understanding all this, she is expected to return to Pembroke Hall as a teacher. However, she is expected to produce a written apology to the school’s board and publicly apologize to the institution.

Jamaica Today tried contacting the school’s administrators but to no avail.



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