Tech Company Says JUTC Buses Will Have Wi-Fi In Weeks

There will be a full rollout of the wifi on JUTC buses in mid-August. That’s according to CEO of Growth Tech,  Neil Lawrence. Growth Tech is the company charged with carrying out the project.

Mr Lawrence made the announcement at a press briefing held at the Half-Way Tree Transport Centre, St Andrew this morning. Mr. Lawrence who was on board a special bus ride from Three Miles to Half Way Tree and Cross Roads with Minister of Transport, Robert Montague stated that their partnership with JUTC will provide free wifi to the general public while they travel on JUTC buses.

Mr. Lawrence said his company was offering the service free of charge to JUTC. Income is generated by the commercial aspect of the connection through advertisements. Companies are able to advertise with Growth Tech which filters the content to whichever target audience is required by that company. This is done through a process by which users of the service have to input demographic data such as age group in order to connect to the wifi.

Growth Tech has already begun installation of the equipment.

The service is accessible on four different JUTC buses including the one used this morning for the bus ride. Mr. Lawrence stated that the wifi is currently accessible on these select buses but is still in a pilot phase. The buses selected were those on the busier routes such as the 46 which runs from Downtown Kingston to Great House Circle through Cross Roads, Half Way Tree and Red Hills Road. The full rollout will see over a hundred buses with the service.

Growth Tech stated that the wifi is able to accommodate up to 100 users at once with a speed of 1-2 megabytes per second (mb/s).

Racquel Garwood

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