Teens Charged For Church Robbery



Two teenagers have been slapped with charges of Sacrilege following their arrest in connection with the theft of sound equipment from a church in Dias, Hanover on Sunday, June 21.


The teens are 19-year-old Jowarne Watson, otherwise called ‘Tuggy’ and 18-year-old Dehomarko Buchanan, otherwise called ‘Messi. Both are from Dias, Hanover.


According to the police at about 2:30 p.m., church operators returned to the location and found that there was an unauthorized entry to the premise. It was also noted that the culprits had entered through a window and removed two speaker boxes valued at approximately JMD 74,000. The Police were notified of the incident and upon investigation, the teens were subsequently held with the suspected stolen equipment. They were charged following an interview.


Their court dates are being arranged.


Juliane Robinson

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