The Continuing Priory Distress And Lawlessness




The section of roadway between the St. Ann’s Bay roundabout and the Priory Traffic light — no more than a kilometre — has become a stretch for the display of lawlessness by some road users and causes distress to many motorists.

Especially around the afternoon peak, between 5 and 7 o’clock, there is now a constant line of traffic, piled up as far back as the main entrance to St. Ann’s Bay.


It sometimes makes a three-minute ride, going west, turn into a half hour distress. What is more is that this induces the regular flouting of the Road Traffic Act by motorists who “undertake” using the soft shoulder to get by those in line obeying the rules.

The traffic pile-up is usually caused by vehicles being allowed to park on both sides of this highway. That constricts the space available for vehicles heading through on this main road.


This is an everyday occurrence now and the police surely know about it. The remedy by the police amounts to a waste of time. They sometimes try to regulate flow through the traffic lights but that doesn’t offer much increase in speed for the line of traffic.

The solution is relatively simple: restrict and regulate the parking to none at all, or to parking on one side only, at particular times. Tow or clamp vehicles not obeying the regulations, as happens in St. Ann’s Bay.


Why is it so difficult for the head of St. Ann police, Senior Superintendent Michael Smith; Chairman of the St. Ann Municipal Corporation, Michael Belnavis and the Roads and Works head, Everton Ricketts to do what’s sensible and practical? They would immediately reduce the ‘time-wasting’ forced on motorists who have to sit in this unnecessary traffic build up. These changes would also remove the aggressive driving observed on the St. Ann’s Bay to Priory segment of the North Coast Highway and stop the open flouting of the laws of the road there.


Alexander White

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