The Legal Aid Council Website Up And Running


Justice Minister Delroy Chuck, says with the Legal Aid website now in operation, access to quality legal services for all Jamaicans is just a “click away”.

Addressing the website’s launch on Wednesday, September 4, at the Ministry’s Constant Spring Road offices in St Andrew, the Minister said “this is a technological leap for the Legal Aid Council that will have a profound impact on the ordinary people of Jamaica who want to access critical information for quality legal representation”.

He added: “As Head of the Ministry, I have mandated that our mission going forward is to build a first-class justice system. The launch of the Legal Aid Council website is consistent with that vision.”

Minister Chuck argued that a first-class justice system requires people, irrespective of their socio-economic standing, to have trust and confidence in the legal process.

The website, which was created within the Ministry, provides a general overview of the services of the Council.

These include legal information, application to relist for matters adjourned sine die, petitions to the Governor-General, consultation and application for review of inmates held at the Court’s pleasure.

For her part, Chief Technical Director in the Ministry, Grace Ann Stewart-McFarlane, said introduction of the Council’s website is an important resource in ensuring universal access to legal aid services that should be extended to every platform.

“The Council has been on an ardent mission to provide improved access to justice services and giving justice a human face. The provision of Legal Aid through the island’s courts, police stations and the mobile Justice Unit will be bolstered by the website, as more Jamaicans will be able to do research and make contact with the Legal Aid Council from this new platform,” she said.

The Legal Aid Council which is a statutory body under the support and supervision of the Ministry of Justice, also provides assistance in procuring experts to advance the case of the defendant, such as deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) testing in sexual offences, handwriting experts, sign language, interpreter, as well as legal representation for suspects and accused in criminal matters.


Vaughn Thorpe

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