Thieves Leave Mandela Highway Dark



If you’ve noticed that a section of the Mandela Highway under construction is dark at nights, blame it on thieves who have stolen circuit breakers for the street lamps.

A section of the area near Hydel Group of Schools and the Ferry Police station, St Catherine, is without lights and, at nights, motorists have to depend on the lights of their own and other vehicles for hundreds of meters of the roadway.


The National Works Agency (NWA) is advising persons to exercise due care in travelling along the Mandela Highway, especially during the nights, as several of the new street lamps are now non-functional, following the theft of circuit breakers.


        In a release, the NWA saysThe new lamps have been wired to use these critical components (circuit breakers) that assist in minimizing damage due to power surges. The Agency says that after it was noticed that a number of the lamps were inoperable, a detailed check was done that revealed that the breakers had been stolen.

According to head of Communication at the NWA, Stephen Shaw, “since the erection of the street lamps, thieves have been preying on the system. Wires were also recently cut and pulled from beneath the road, causing the system to be inoperable. Temporary street lamps have also been stolen along the Mandela Highway.”


In the meantime, the Jamaica Public Service Company is said to be working to have street lamps back in operation. New breakers are now being procured.



Franklin McKnight

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