Tourism Ministry Responds To US Newspaper Sex Assault Report

The Ministry of Tourism has responded to a USA Today story pointing to nearly 80 reported cases of sexual assault against American visitors to Jamaica, in the last seven years.

The story used as its background a recent report of two American women being sexually assaulted at a Montego Bay resort. The suspect is in police custody.

The US newspaper story said officials in Jamaica and in the hotels often deny that the assaults take place.

In its response to the report on Tuesday, October 30, the Ministry of Tourism said it was fully aware of the news story. “We strongly condemn the incidents of assault and all other crimes against visitors and citizens alike.”

The statement from the Ministry said all cases are being given full attention as Jamaica is committed to maintaining a safe, secure and seamless destination.

In addition it said that in the period of the 78 reported sexual assaults Jamaica has had over 20 million tourists and there is a high repeat visitor rate of 42 percent.

“The safety and security of our citizens and guests are always of utmost concern,” the statement said.

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