TPDCo Amp Up Security At Beaches & Rivers Following The Death Of A Woman



Jamaica’s Tourism Product Development Company (TPDCo) yesterday, Tuesday, May 19, highlighted breaches of the Disaster Risk Management Act and the inadequate safety measures after a woman drowned on Sunday, May 18 in the Rio Grande in Portland.


The woman is 43-year-old Coleen Myers who rushed to save her daughter 23-year-old Tahirah Steele who was drowning.


TPDCo expressed sympathy to the family of Miss Myers relating to her unfortunate passing.


The development agency, however, reiterated that the Disaster Risk Management Act prohibits gatherings at beaches and rivers and the matter of swimming in light of the COVID-19 pandemic in Jamaica and the world at large.


Nonetheless, they have noted the importance of having controlled operations along with well-trained personnel such as lifeguards and security guards to be present at beaches and rivers.



Photo: Rio Grande Portland

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