Traffic Snarl Across Wet Capital City




Commuters heading home from work in the Capital City should expect traffic snarls and long delays on rain soaked and flooded roadways. A power cut that hit traffic lights at major intersections will make it even more nightmarish for motorists.


Up to 4 o’clock showers were pelting many parts of Kingston and St Andrew and Jamaica today observed long traffic lines, ahead of the afternoon peak.

A few communities along the Washington Boulevard such as Duhaney Park, Patrick City, Coreville Gardens and Pembroke Hall were without electricity, apparently related to the heavy rains.

This has affected the flow of traffic with traffic lights out from the intersection of Coreville and Duhaney Park to the intersection of Washington Boulevard with Pembroke Hall.

Traffic lights outside the Transport Centre and some around Half Way Tree and also at Waterloo Road and Hope Roads were also out for a period.


Shannon-Dale Reid




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