Traffic Woes Worsen On Wednesday

Traffic along Red Hills Road at the intersection of Cassia Park Road and Fairlane Drive

By Gavin Riley

Jamaicans in and around the Corporate Area had the uphill task of navigating city roads on Wednesday morning with increasing difficulty as traffic conditions continued to prove an irritating aspect of their daily commute.

From the onset, as early as 6:15 this morning, Red Hills Road at the intersection of Cassia Park Road was a headache for drivers as officers from the Public Safety and Traffic Enforcement Branch (PSTEB) directed the bumper-to-bumper traffic.

: PSTEB officer directing motorists at Molynes Road/Waltham Park Road/Cassia Park Road junction

Just metres away, at the intersection of Cassia Park Road and Cassia Park Avenue, there was an arguably better flow, with three-minute delays. However, things quickly deteriorated further east along Cassia Park Avenue’s intersections at Cassiadene Avenue and Westminister Road.

At the major intersection of Molynes Road with Cassia Park Road traffic delays of up to 30 minutes were a challenge for motorists and the PSTEB officers assigned to the junction, as the passage was reduced to single lanes at each interval.

Returning to Red Hills Road, at the Dunrobin Avenue overpass, PSTEB officers assisted the flow of traffic but could not reduce delays of up to 25 minutes.

Dunrobin Avenue was heavily affected by gridlock as vehicles crawled mere inches as the minutes rolled away. The heavy traffic situation nearly reached critical at the intersection with Constant Spring Road with the newly imposed one-way system. However, officers from the PSTEB worked to moderate pile-ups.

Constant Spring Road was still a testing thoroughfare on Wednesday morning, despite having up to four lanes descending into Half-Way-Tree. Officers were instrumental in directing the flow of traffic at the intersection of West Kings House Road.

Long lines shown at the Dunrobin overpass. Officers diverting traffic along a section of Red Hills Road

At the intersection of Eastwood Park Road, Red Hills Road and Constant Spring Road, most drivers worked with assigned PSTEB officers to get around the now closed section of Constant Spring Road heading westwards in the direction of Dunrobin Avenue.

The flow of traffic greatly improved heading southeast along lower Constant Spring Road into Half-Way-Tree – with the only commuting difficulties being experienced at the intersection of South Avenue.

It was a similarly chaotic scene when the Jamaica Today team tried to navigate the Hagley Park Road/Waltham Park Road intersection.

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