Tributes Flow In For Comedienne Elva Ruddock


There has been a great outpouring of sadness and disbelief as news surfaced on Sunday, October 7, that popular social media personality and comedienne Elva Ruddock passed away earlier this morning.


Elva, as she is affectionately known, was reportedly battling with Lupus and had been hospitalized in recent weeks up to the time of her death.


Thousands of users on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter have expressed their devastation to the news of Elva’s untimely passing – with many paying homage to Jamaica’s queen of comedy.


Born and raised in Rollington Town, Kingston as the second child to parents Ruby and Charles Ruddock, Elva began to make her mark on the entertainment, media and theatre industries around 2005 as a replacement for Claudette ‘Miss Likkle’ Pious at the Caribbean Comedy Festival being held at Howard University – where she and fellow comedian Owen ‘Blakka’ Ellis represented Jamaica.


Since then, Elva has been widely loved for her warm, infectious smile, dynamic personality and witty punchlines – all while being innocently comedic.


Holding her own in the male-dominated Jamaican comedy sector, many have dubbed Elva as the Jamaican Comedy Queen.


Elva, despite her hiatus in local stand-up comedy, was the ‘face and laughs’ on the popular Bascho shopping show and on FAME 95 FM’s ‘Full House Fridays’.


A past student of the Convent Mercy Academy for Girls (Alpha), Elva touched topics that most comedians are afraid to talk about – hair and wigs, relationships and her favorite, dynamics in the relationship.


Ingrid Riley tweeted, “I just can’t. I just can’t. Elva died this morning. Come on…Nooo man. She was always such a fantastically upbeat soul…making me laugh and so encouraging. I am legit bawling right now. She always has a big smile, hug and a joke for me. What a great spirit.”


“Why not me????? Why not? I gave you so much to rule the world…why not let me take your place and you keep ruling the world with that smile??? Why?? Elva…why tell me you were fine just to make me feel better? God come on…no questions but…” Fellow actor and comedian Rodney Campbell tweeted.


Chef Noel Cunningham, with arguably the first post confirming Elva’s death on Instagram, wrote, “Not the news I’m expecting today but we have lost @elvajamaica. RIP my queen will forever love you and cherish every moment we shared. Thanks for all the encouragement I’m happy you know how I feel about you and I know how you feel about me. From Hedo to BBM. A friend that became family. I know you don’t want us to mourn for you.”


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