Trump Receives Backlash After Calling Russia’s Criminality A Hoax



House Democrats on the Intelligence Committee who were invited to the White House for a briefing on a report Russia secretly paid Afghan militants bounties to kill American soldiers stationed in Afghanistan, have taken issue with President Donald Trump after he called the report a hoax.


Trump was accused of not ever wanting to criticize Russian President Vladimir Putin, as if he is protecting something – his dream to build a Trump Tower in Moscow. But his critics say the public needs to know the bottom of this report, which Trump has been holding for months not knowing what to do with it.


One Republican said the report was aimed at embarrassing Trump.


House Democrats criticized the President, saying instead of dismissing the report he should assure the American public that he will get to the bottom of it.


The Congressional Democrats insist there is nothing in the report that suggests it’s a hoax.

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