Two Judges Sworn Into Higher Office

Governor-General, Sir Patrick Allen, is flanked by the two judges appointed to higher posts: Acting Court of Appeal Judge, Justice Nicole Simmons (left) and Acting Puisne Judge, Justice Tricia Hutchinson, during a swearing-in ceremony at King’s House in St. Andrew on Wednesday, October 9.

Mark Bell/JIS Photo

Governor-General, Sir Patrick Allen, on Wednesday, October 9, during a ceremony at King’s House in St. Andrew swore in Justice Nicole Simmons to act as a Court of Appeal Judge, and Justice Tricia Hutchinson to act as Puisne Judge.

Justice Simmons will serve for the period October 9 to December 20, in the absence of Justice Jennifer Straw, who has gone on vacation leave.

The Governor-General congratulated the judges on their appointments, noting that they have displayed outstanding qualities such as love of the law, an understanding of human frailties, the desire to be fair and impartial and the courage to uphold the law and strike down injustice.

President of the Court of the Appeal, Justice Dennis Morrison, congratulated the judges while commending them for demonstrating good knowledge of the law, superb work ethics, among other qualities.

He expressed confidence that they will bring value to their new roles.

Chief Justice, Bryan Syke repeated his intention to make the country’s justice system the best in the Caribbean in three years and among the best in the world in six years.

Franklin McKnight

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