Tyres Still Burning In Riverton

Three days after firefighters were called to extinguish a massive fire in a section of Riverton City in St Andrew Western there are reports that plumes of smoke is still coming from the area. Reports are that the fire began on Sunday around 11:20 a.m., in an area in the community where tyres were being stored.

Firefighters who responded said even though the blaze was minimized, the fire is still burning in some areas and as a result members of the Jamaica Fire Brigade are working to address the problem but this cannot be done using water alone.

“The fire was brought under control but as part of the process to totally extinguish the blaze we have to be using dirt to cover areas that are still burning to complete the smothering effect,” said one firefighter at the area.

Residents who first saw the blaze on Sunday raised an alarm and members from the Jamaica Fire Brigade along with members of the Jamaica Defence Force responded and managed to bring the blaze under control.


Kimoya Moss

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