UWI Medical Students To Raise Funds To Help Port Maria Hospital

Medical students at The University of the West Indies take a group photo at the hospital that they intend to assist by fundraising.


Third Year Medical Students at The University of the West Indies (The UWI) have set out to raise J$4 million, to improve the facilities at the Port Maria Hospital in St. Mary.

Smoker 2018, a group of third year medical students, will implement a series of events to raise funds to contribute to the resources of the local hospital.

Vikram Asnani, chairperson of Smoker 2018, said that they have also decided to seek funding through the ISupportJamaica website, a crowd-funding platform, which is an initiative of The Jamaica National Group. 

“This year is particularly significant, as we are commemorating the 70th Anniversary of The University of the West Indies and our Faculty of Medical Sciences. We are, therefore, proud to announce that the Smoker 2018 beneficiary is the Port Maria Hospital,” he said.

The funds raised, will be targeted to improve the treatment facilities at the Port Maria Hospital; and to equip it with resources to provide optimal health care, thereby contributing to the improved health status across our country, a release said.

Dr Kurdell Espinosa, senior medical officer at the Port Maria Hospital, said that the members of staff and patients were happy to be selected as this year’s recipient of the Smoker 2018 project. She said the hospital had several needs including medical equipment; and, a perimeter fence, to secure the premises.

Dr Tomlin Paul, dean of the Faculty of Medical Sciences, said that over the years Smoker projects have benefited the health sector. “Throughout the years, the Smoker event has made significant contributions to the health sector. As a medical student, I saw the direct impact of Smoker, not only on the beneficiary hospital; but, also on the students involved.”

Phillip Lindsey, ISupportJamaica operations officer, at The Jamaica National Group, said persons can support The UWI Smoker initiative by visiting the ISupportJamaica website.

“The website is a simple, creative, secure online facility via which Jamaicans, locally and overseas, along with friends of Jamaica, can provide financial support to micro-enterprises, and not-for-profit entities, such as Smoker 2018,” Mr Lindsey informed.

Interested persons can donate to this Smoker initiative by visiting the ISupport Jamaica platform at www.isupportjamaica.com, click on the Smoker 2018 project; and then click the “Fund Project” button, the operations officer explained.

Donations can also be made via PayPal; JN Live E-banking; by visiting any JN Branch, or MoneyShop; and through interbank transfers.

The Port Maria Hospital is a type C, 60-bed hospital, which serves a population of more than 125,000 persons. The hospital offers several services, such as: labour and delivery; paediatrics;  accident and emergency; laboratory and  x-ray.

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