Vaz Dismisses Mischief On Social Media

Minister without portfolio in the Ministry of Economic Growth, Daryl Vaz has dismissed suggestions that he breached protocol in relation to the security of a gun on a private domestic flight.


The Minister was responding to a story on social media, out of a letter purportedly written by an unnamed police officer.


Mr Vaz is putting this all down to “a flurry of growing political mischief” being propagated in recent weeks by political operatives and their surrogates. He has called for the police commissioner to investigate the matter.



Vaz said he and members of his immediate family, one of who is a licenced firearm holder went to Domestic Terminal of the Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay, St. James.


He said a Port Security Officer told them they could not board a private flight with the licenced firearm. He said he pointed out to the officer that he had done the same trip several times, with the firearm handed over to the pilot as Standing Operating Procedures. He said that was done again this time with the approval of a security supervisor who was called to the scene.


“Police were not summoned during the entire events. Therefore, I find it curious and odd that a report was purportedly prepared by a Police Officer in St. James and leaked to political operatives and also on social media.” Also, Mr Vaz said his account of the events was not sought by whoever prepared the letter.


He is insisting that Standard Operating Procedure was observed as the flight in question was a domestic private flight from Montego Bay to Kingston. The handing over of the firearm to the pilot is consistent with Standard Operating Procedure.


Mr Vaz says he has written to the Police Commissioner rejecting suggestions of a breach of protocol and have “also called for a probe into what obviously is an attempt to embarrass and put at risk the security of my family.”


By Franklin McKnight


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