Vaz Writes To Political Ombudsman On ‘Dangerous’ Allegations From Valerie Neita-Robertson



Member of Parliament for West Portland, Daryl Vaz has requested the intervention of Political Ombudsman Donna Parchment-Brown over recent tweets made by People’s National Party (PNP) Valerie Neita-Robertson – the newly instead caretaker for the constituency.


In a letter obtained by Jamaica Today dated Wednesday, October 17, Vaz denounced Neita-Robertson’s tweets, which allege incidents of “orchestrated political violence” on the part of Vaz and the Jamaica Labor Party (JLP).


“The use of social media to disseminate inciting allegations is a disturbing and dangerous practice and I therefore bring it to your attention in the expectation that it will be investigated and exposed with the hope that you can bring a halt to this irresponsible and desperate behavior,” Vaz wrote.



The West Portland MP called the allegations by the new PNP contender “baseless”, as he has investigated several of the incidents in question and is in further discussions with the Superintendent of Police in charge of the parish, Dwayne Wellington.



“This is my eleventh year of my incumbency as Member of Parliament for the constituency and the politics at all levels have always been conducted by me in a peaceful manner,” Vaz wrote.



The tweets in question, were posted late Monday, October 15 when Neita-Robertson wrote, “Every event I host in my constituency is followed by violent events days after.”



“As a criminal lawyer I am spotting a lot of dots that connect too seamlessly. I have learnt over my years as a lawyer that there is no such thing as coincidence,” the tweet continued.


Vaz further noted that copies off all Neita Robertson’s accusatory tweets were enclosed within his letter.

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