Vehicles Sink On Hagley Park Road








An unfamiliar sinking feeling accompanied the usual commute along Hagley Park Road in St. Andrew on Monday, as some motor vehicles were stuck in their tracks.


Traffic conditions worsened earlier this morning after a trailer, carrying gasoline, and other large vehicles sank while traversing the roadway, now under major rehabilitation and upgrading.


According to reports the incident took place at around 6:15 am, in the vicinity of ATL’s Honda showroom when the trailer, heading northeast along Hagley Park Road ground to a halt after a section of the roadway crumbled beneath it.






A video obtained by Jamaica Today, shows the trailer and other large vehicles helplessly tilted on the busy thoroughfare. It is unclear if the vehicles were seriously damaged or if the incident resulted in an oil spill.


A team from the Jamaica Fire Brigade arrived on the scene to evaluate the accident as well as to offer some assistance in directing the flow of morning traffic.


Calls to the National Works Agency for a comment were unanswered up to the time of this posting. A request to ascertain if heavy-duty vehicles would be redirected from Hagley Park Road was also not answered.



By: Gavin Riley

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