Vere Technical High Student Hit By Stray Bullet Recovering

The teenager, who was injured by a gunman’s stray bullet while at her home in Hayes, Clarendon on Sunday, is recovering in hospital following emergency surgery.

Doctors at the May Pen Hospital were reportedly successful in removing the bullet from her abdomen during the surgery.

The 14-year-old student of the Vere Technical High remains admitted in stable condition.

It was reported that at about 10 a.m., a man, who was being chased by gunmen, ran into the teenager’s yard. The hoodlums then opened fire at the man, but a stray bullet struck the girl, who was in the process of preparing for church.

Meanwhile, the classmates of the injured girl received counselling on Monday after they learnt of the shooting incident.

The Clarendon police are continuing their search for the man who was being chased for him to assist in the ongoing probe.

Ansray Thomas


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