Video Shows Gunmen In Brazen Hold-Up, Robbery Of Store In Montego Bay

Chilling footage of a bold, ‘daylight robbery’ in Montego Bay, St. James has left the local business community uncertain of its safety in the resort mecca, as marauding thugs pillaged a supermarket of an undetermined sum of money.

According to the time stamp on the closed circuit television (CCTV) footage, the robbery took place on Monday, February 25, at around 9:30 am. The affected establishment is reportedly a popular Chinese-owned supermarket along Barnett Street.

The CCTV footage, which has gone viral on social media platforms this week, shows a gang of four armed men, dressed in what appears to be complete construction attire, with hard hats and handkerchiefs used to conceal their faces.

The men, who pretended to be customers looking for a snack, brandished guns and then held the staff, Chinese nationals and legitimate customers at ransom.

In the four-minute video, the men proceeded to empty both cash registers of a yet-to-be-determined sum of money, instructing one of the cashiers to fill a black plastic bag with the stolen cash.

The masked men flashed their weapons wildly, hitting the Chinese cashiers repeatedly as they removed cash from the registers and boxes.

Speaking with Jamaica Today, a spokesperson from the Corporate Communications Unit (CCU) stated that local police were not aware of last week’s incident, however further checks will be made.



Gavin Riley

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