Warmington to Walk Away from Representational Politics



Everald Warmington, one of the most controversial politicians and South Western Member of Parliament for Saint Catherine, on Sunday, September 29 revealed that he will be walking away from politics. The revelation was made at a meeting in his constituency.


Warmington said, “I won’t be around for much longer, because after 50 years of serving and 20 years as a member of parliament, it’s now time for me to say farewell”.


While there was no timeline given for his exit, Warmington noted that he will officially announce his departure soon, as ‘the time has come for younger people to reign’. He added, “I must know when to go and when to allow a new leader, a new young person, to come and take over”.


He thanked members of his consistency and all his other supporters for supporting him over the years.



Shannon-Dale Reid

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