Water Supply Disrupted Along Molynes Area


The National Water Commission is advising that customers along Molynes Road (between Landford Terrace and the Washington Boulevard) will experience a further disruption in their water supply as a result of emergency pipeline works now commencing along the pipeline network in the Molynes Area.

Completion time is 8pm, today, February 10, 2020

Areas impacted include:Landford Terrace, Sundown Crescent and all roads leading off,  Lorraine, Chalmers, Molynes Mews, Moresham, Maple Leaf Avenue, Laurel Drive, Molynes Mews, Plastic Way, Sutphin, Toronto Drive and Surroundings.

The Company is highlighting that this disruption will extend beyond the (6pm) restoration time for the Ferry works which is already impacting some sections of Molynes road.

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